12 bài test trắc nghiệm cụm động từ tiếng anh 1

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12 Bài Test Trắc Nghiệm Phrasal Verb - Cụm Động Từ Tiếng Anh 1

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Do you have a moment to try to find my keys with me?

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Fortunately, Marie is associating well with her new co-workers.

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His alarm clock is always set for six o'clock. He arises at the same time every day.

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It's 4 P.M now, and this important letter must be mailed today. Can you take it to the post office immediately?

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John took the pencil with his fingers and began to write a note.

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Pat placed her new hat on her head while looking in the mirror.

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He boarded the bus at Broadway and 79th Street.

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I want to stay unmarried for a while, but I hope to get married eventually.

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Be sure to switch off the light before you leave the house.

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In the beginning I thought that it was Bob who was in the car.

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She telephoned her friend to tell him about the meeting. They decided to drive there together.

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Remove your jacket and sit down for a few minutes.

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